Site Reliability Engineer

London, England, United Kingdom · Technology


FutureLearn is a social learning platform, backed by the Open University and based in Camden. We offer free online courses run by many leading universities from around the globe.

We’re looking for a Site Reliability Engineer to work in collaboration with our developers to expand, improve and secure the platform and scale it to serve our growing global community of learners.

Since our launch in September 2013, we’ve run hundreds of courses that have attracted over six million learners to our platform. They come to study a diverse range of topics, from the archaeology of ancient Rome to psychology and modern medicine. We have a growing following from around the world, with people of all genders and age groups well-represented. We help them learn by provoking conversation around the course material, so that learners and educators learn as much from each other as from the material itself.

We try to mirror this environment within our company. We work together to help people improve their skills, and we reflect on our work processes to improve the product and the way we work. It is a collaborative environment where designers, developers, product managers and non-technical stakeholders work in small multidisciplinary teams and all contribute to the product’s direction.

We communicate a lot: over email, using Slack, face-to-face in the office and over video calls; and we encourage clear, forthright feedback among everyone in the company, regardless of role or seniority.

To help with everyone’s ongoing skill improvements, we run regular “learning hours”, we pair with each other, share books, articles, and talks we think will be helpful, and encourage people to set themselves regular goals to help develop their careers; for example, trying public speaking, or mentoring a new starter.


At FutureLearn, our work is distributed across several multidisciplinary product teams, each containing designers, developers, product managers, user researchers, marketers and so on. Cross-team collaboration is encouraged, and teams are flexible, with people moving between them as needs change. You'll decide how you want to work with and support the developers in these teams.

Our product teams work in sprints, each of which lasts 2 weeks. This helps us focus on shipping small, iterative changes and responding quickly to changing business or user needs. Every two weeks we run retrospectives and reviews, and have an all-hands “Thursday meeting” when we get to show off what we’ve achieved and hear about what others are up to.

Our platform uses the Ruby on Rails web framework, and we use unit and integration tests to drive design and keep everything working. Every developer has the ability to deploy, and we deploy frequently to a large-scale system on AWS.

We are looking for a Site Reliability Engineer to work with all of our developers to improve the stability, security and flexibility of our web application. It currently runs on bare EC2 instances but we want to improve the process of developing, testing and continuously deploying the application to make it safer, easier, faster and more fun for developers.

Deciding whether this means incrementally improving our current infrastructure, or migrating us to something entirely new, would be an important part of your job. You’ll be responsible for defining the direction that our infrastructure takes as we grow the platform, and for working with our CTO and developers to make those changes happen. We’re keen to maintain our existing culture of collaboration and shared responsibility.

Above all, we are looking for people who are curious, think critically, are eager to learn and keen to use their experience to help and support others. You will need to be able to communicate and explain things clearly and work well in a collaborative environment.


You should:

Please note: This is not a remote working position and we are only able to accept candidates with the right to work in the UK. No recruitment agents please.


This job is based in our office in Camden, London.


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Please note that this is not a remote working role. You also need to have right to work in the UK to be considered for this position

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